Age of Comic Current Value (FMV)* Pressing Cost
Any Age Up to £2,500 £50.00
Any Age £2,500+ 2% of FMV*

Pre-screen**:   £10 per comic, to be credited if the comic is pressed.

Postage:          Any postage would be charged at cost.

Photographs:  £5 per comic***



Please note there is a limit of 14 comics per submission, while we attempt to reduce the current submission queue

*Fair Market Value (FMV)
 is required for insurance and invoicing purposes. It is based on a like-for-like replacement cost. If your comic has been recently purchased, then you would likely have a receipt that would confirm its value. If you are unsure of the value, then eBay 'sold' listings or gocollect are a fairly good resource to find a reasonable estimation. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

.We will make sure your comic has a reasonable prospect of a grade bump, and check for anything that would pose a risk to the grade or would prove detrimental to the structure of the comic. Anything found would be brought to your attention for your decision on how to proceed. If you choose to have the comic worked on, the pre-screen charge would be credited to the pressing cost.  

***Photographs are taken of all comics before and after we work on them. They are taken for insurance purposes and for the unlikely event of any problems during shipping or grading. It takes a fair amount of time to collate and go through approximately 50-60 pictures of every comic plus the added time of posting/forwarding them to a client. Given that this reduces the amount of time we have available to do the actual work, we have to make a small charge. 

Please note: Our business insurance policy does NOT offer any cover for goods in transit. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the items securely on their journey to us, and to make sure there is sufficient insurance in place through the postal service (or courier) for the journeys both ways. If you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know, and we will do our best to advise you of your options.

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