We would like to introduce some of our friends and encourage you to check out their services.

Grading Facilitators

CGC Grading via Scott's Collectables - We have made good use of Scott's Collectables over the years. First, we used them for our personal grading requirements, and then, as a company that we can trust with our clients' comics. (Regular grading submissions are currently suspended - 06/22)  

CBCS Grading via The Hobgoblins Hideaway - Tim Plumbe has been a customer for quite a long time and has, over the past year, become the go-to-facilitator for CBCS. If you are interested in learning more about signature verification or CBCS grading, just get in touch, and he will answer all your questions.

Online Comic Shops

Comicana Direct
Comicana Direct
- Comicana Direct stock a huge selection of back issues. Nick Beckett and Garry Crawley have a good reputation for accurate grades and fair pricing.

Scott's Collectables - Besides offering CGC grading services and artists commissions, Scott's also have their own eBay store. 

- Simon Mott and his team offer the perfect solution for those who have a regular pull list and do not have a local comic shop. 

World of Superheroes
World of Superheroes
- Steve Eyre's company website, often has a fairly impressive selection of fairly major keys and is worth keeping an eye on.  



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