As a comic back issue retailer, one question I’ve often been asked over the years is “how/where can I get my comics pressed?”. There is only one person I would ever refer them to and that is James Gower of the Comic Clinic due to his skill, ethics and professionalism. Those collectors that I have referred have been over the moon with the results, and having seen the results myself, the work is truly impressive. I honestly believe that James can bring out whatever potential grade that a book may hold but just as importantly, can advise when pressing isn’t advisable for any reason rather than just take people’s money. There are others who do pressing but don’t have the same background in studying paper properties and conservation techniques and who also don’t put the same amount of time in to achieve the best results.
G Crawley - Hertfordshire

The Comic Clinic/James Gower is hands down THE comic book presser & cleaner of choice for me. He has been completely honest about whether a book will see an improvement, the risks involved and completely transparent on turnaround times, pricing and everything else in between. James has added significant value to my personal collection through his exceptional talent of making books look their best! He took my AF15 from a 3.0 to a 4.5, my Avengers #1 from a 2.5 to a 4.0 and most impressively my Walking Dead #1 from a 8.5 to a 9.6. He truly is a master of his craft with an ability to perform comic book miracles like no one else!

In this comic community there are - unfortunately - some unscrupulous characters, I can say with complete certainty that James Gower is one of the most honest, trustworthy individuals I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with and I look forward to continuing to send him my books because there is no one else anywhere I would want working on them than him!
AF - Northern Ireland

James Gower is a true professional. I have had James working on my comics now, it must be 4 to 5 years and not once have I ever needed to worry or question him on anything. He must of done at least 150 plus books for me. Once your comics are in James' hands you can sit back and enjoy the results. James has great knowledge of comic books and is always available for advice.
P Ballinger - Gloucestershire

I've had the pleasure of dealing with James and The Comic Clinic for a couple of years now and I would, hands down, put them at the top of the 'Pressing' ladder. Just a few minutes in conversation highlight the passion, knowledge and expertise James has in this industry and let you know your comic books are in the best possible hands. There's no doubt why they are the first name that comes to mind for the majority of comic book collectors.
T Plumbe - Dorset

I would like to take this opportunity to state that James is an absolute gentleman. I am in debt to him as he has allowed me to own books at grades which I would never have been able to buy if they were already graded. His work is second to none, his communication is flawless and I always feel my books are in safe hands when I send them to him. It is also right that his work is in such high demand as he has built an incredible reputation through his expertise and professional manner
P Cogan - London

I was recommended The Comic Clinic by many people on multiple social media platforms to have my books pressed and cleaned and have been blown away by the service I have received. I have submitted over 20 books in various conditions to CGC after having them pressed and cleaned by James and the grades have always been higher than expected. Even books that have had water damage or been previously graded have come back better than I could have ever expected. I would recommend The Comic Clinic to anyone who requires an excellent and professional comic cleaning and pressing service.
T Shackleton - Hampshire

There isn't a person in this comic book  hobby that I would trust more with my comics when it comes to cleaning and pressing than James. From the first time I met James he was completely professional and always took the upmost care with my books. He was completely transparent about his assessments of the comics, answering all my questions and queries and giving me advice that I now pass onto others who are just starting out in this hobby. His attention to detail and dedication to his job is truly remarkable. He has brought some of my comics back from the dead and boosted their grades way above expectations. There is no one else I would use when it comes to making my comics shine, ready to be encapsulated by a grading company. I cannot recommend James enough. I call him a Press and Clean Guru but to be honest I think he is secretly a Voodoo Wizard from the magic he has done on my books. Best in the business! 
J Marsden - Lancashire
Owner of Low Grade Comic Collectors Global 

I strongly recommend James at the Comic Clinic, he always does an amazing job, he is knowledgeable, patient and willing to help you achieve the best results for your comics. You can clearly see by the level of detail he puts into his work that for him its more than just a job, its a passion and love for comics.
L Makwana - Bedfordshire

I have used the services of The Comic Clinic on many occasions and am always pleased with the results. They are highly regarded in the comic book community and are the go to company to ensure fantastic results. They give a fair assessment of your comic book and will advise you if it should or shouldnt be pressed. Many of my books have had grade bumps thanks to The Comic Clinic.
J Parker - Wales

I have had the opportunity to use for myself, and to witness the fine work that  the Comic Clinic has done, working their magic to resurrect tired looking comics back to their former glory. James is the Wolverine of comic pressing " The Best of what he does"
Nick Marshall - Greater Manchester
CGC Signature Series Witness

I’ve been using James at the Comic Clinic for 3 years and have sent hundreds of comics to him. James’s knowledge about when and where to work on a book is why I continue to use him. His ability to improve a comic in grade is remarkable. As is his professionalism. He’s one of the nicest people I have met and has gone above and beyond to accommodate me. I can not thank him enough for the work he has done on my collection.
A Shrimpton - Kent

I would not let anyone other than James Gower at the Comic Clinic work on any of my comic books. He always goes out of his way to help and takes the time to send pictures of everything and gives recommendations on what kind of work should or should not be done where possible at no extra charge. James always gives his best and you will not be disappointed with the results! 
J Caruana - Scotland

Since using The Comic Clinic, I've always had a professional service from start to finish. Pre screening and advice are all part of this great service and I've had some amazing results. What also keeps me coming back is the direct link with a UK facilitator for CGC meaning less handling from pressing to grading.
E Rahim - Surrey

I’ve been using The Comic Clinic for the last year now and wouldn’t dream of sending any of my books off for grading without having James look at them first. The service he offers is second to none. James is forever answering any queries I have, and I’m indebted to his professionalism and the service he offers. James has also warned me of books I’ve purchased that have had restoration on them, this prevented me from getting the dreaded purple or green labels with CGC.
J McEvoy -  West Midlands

If I’m getting a comic graded then I always send these to The Comic Clinic. James has a wealth of knowledge and experience and his work is second to none and I wouldn’t send comics to anyone else.
G Keen - Norfolk

Thank you for the flawless work. I could not have had my mind put more at rest, with a very professional, well communicated service provided by yourself. An excellent value for money, prompt, efficient and genuinely excellent service. If anyone wants to improve the standard of their comics and feel confident using a press and clean service, then this is certainly the one to use. I will definitely be using and recommending this service at every available opportunity.
J Castle - Lincolnshire

I contacted James because of the many glowing comments on social media and because he had removed restoration and pressed  a comic for a friend. Whilst many comments are about the quality of pressing service, there are other equally important parts of the service that James provides. I submitted about twenty comics to James for pressing prior to submission to CGC. Two of the comics had been restored, another comic had a loose middle page which meant it would only achieve a low grade, and so I decided not to have them graded. In addition, two comics had signatures and James's guided me to Tim Plumbe to submit them to CBCS. James assisted with the submission to Scott's Collectables. It was incredibly comforting to have a real expert in the overall grading process guide and advice on the best approach to the grading.

The money saved by not submitting the restored and damaged comics pretty much covered the fees to James.

I used James because of his reputation at pressing. I will use him again and again because of the world class service beyond the pressing.
C Matts - London

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