Pressing Submission Process

Current submission queue
If you wish to be added to the submission queue, please let us know via the contact page or through messenger via The Comic Clinic Facebook page.

Sending comics in
Once you have been advised it is OK to send in your comics, please complete and print the 'pressing submission form' and include it with your comics. Please package the comics carefully and make sure that there is sufficient insurance in place during their journey. We will inform you when they have arrived and have been booked in. If you want your comics to be forwarded to a grading facilitator after pressing, please include the relevant grading submission forms or paperwork.

Once your comics are finished and ready to be returned (or delivered elsewhere), we would email an invoice. This would be due immediately and can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal Goods & Services (not Friends & Family). The payment details are at the bottom of the invoice.

If your comics are to go to a grading facilitator, they will invoice you directly.

We would advise you once your comics are on their way home and provide the relevant tracking number(s).

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