Case Study 3

Amazing Fantasy 15

We were introduced to the owner of this comic at the NICE ComicCon 2019. Having heard of our reputation, he had brought with him a batch of grails for us to work on. 

A previous owner had drawn over Spider-Man with a graphite pencil that had scored the image in a number of places, and then went on to colour in the main body and legs in graphite grey. We set about cleaning the comic and removing as much trace graphite as was safe, whilst working on removing as much of the pencil indentations as possible, before proceeding to press it.



CS3 Af15 Before CS3 Af15 After
CS3 AF15 Before CS3 AF15 After
CS3 AF15 Before CS3 AF15 After


We are grateful to our customer, both for all the great comics he gives us to work on, but also supplying this picture to confirm the finished grade.

Amazing Fantasy 15 graded


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