Case Study 1

Amazing Fantasy 15

This comic was shown to us early in 2018. It had already been graded by CBCS. I remember the grade was fairly generous at a 4.0 or 4.5 at the time, but there were a lot of pressable defects clearly on display. The client was confident enough to let us break it free from its CBCS slab to work on it, after we had pressed a few of his other comics.

There were a fair number of creases, bends and ripples, mainly on the front cover, along with an impression of the word 'SPIDER' at the bottom of the title. 



CS1 AF15 Before
CS1 AF15 After
CS1 Af15 Before CS1 Af15 After
CS1 Af15 Before CS1 AF15 After


'I bought this comic years ago, it was about a CBCS 4.0 and it was in need of some TLC. I decided to look in to pressing and cleaning, but I was very nervous as I had never done it before.

Someone mentioned James Gower's name, who I had never met, but heard really good things about. I took the comic to him and found him to be a really nice guy and in every way, very professional. He did a full report for me on every little problem, pressed it and then delivered the comic to Scotts Collectables in person. The results were amazing, you just need to look at the pics to see how good he is.' - P Ballinger

AF15 Graded

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