Welcome to the Comic Clinic website

After almost 18 months of piecing this website together around a busy work schedule, we are extremely pleased to finally have it up and running. We hope it covers most areas of interest and provides answers and examples of most typical questions we get asked on a regular basis.

When time allows, we hope to add articles that would prove useful to different levels of collector, covering topics such as spotting colour touch, basic grading, preparing comics for signing events, how to package comics, and other (hopefully) useful information. This will, however, happen gradually, as it is dependent on finding a few minutes here or there during a busy work day.

Special thanks to Matt Arnold for pushing us towards this idea, and for designing The Comic Clinic logo that has received many positive comments. Also thanks to Alan Scott and Simon Mott for your helpful advice over the years, and to all our customers who provided photographs for us to use here in the different galleries.  

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