Case Study 7

Batman 10

Slight Restoration Removal

When this great piece of comic book history graced us with its presence, it had just been freed from its plastic case, having received a 4.5 purple label from CGC. The comic only had a small number of minor creases, which would improve, along with a small build up of stacking dirt and finger oils/grease. All work  needed to be carried out carefully, due to the staples being a little delicate on the front cover and the top staple being almost completely detached at the centre wrap. The restoration was on the top of the back cover where a tear and small torn pieces had all been glued back together.

Typically we do not tend to offer restoration removal, as by and large, it is destructive and not something we particularly enjoy. However, after speaking with the owner, we acknowledged that it would not have a major impact on the immediate eye-appeal as it was on the back cover. Also, being classed as 'restored' significantly reduces the value of a comic, so we agreed to remove it. Our work is usually about making the most positive difference to a comic's appearance. In this case, it was about knowing how different flaws affect the grade, and offering the best advice to the client to protect or increase his investment. 



Batman 10 Before
Batman 10 after pressing
Batman 10 before pressing Batman 10 after pressing
Batman 10 before pressing Batman 10 after pressing


Our client informed us that he was pleasantly surprised to receive the comic back in a shiny new CGC case along with a regular blue label and a 5.0 grade. 


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