Case Study 17

Werewolf By Night 32

When this comic came to us, we were informed that it was to be the main piece of a start up collection for our clients baby boy. The plan was for the father and son to be able to read the comic together as part of the Werewolf By Night run as the little boy grew up, but with a longer term view on investment for the young lads future.

There were a fairly large number of indentations, divots and a few fairly deep scratches, along with a small and uneven spine rotation. However, although there were few colour breaks, it had potential for a reasonably high grade. We let the client know that it was one of the better conditioned WWBN 32's that we had seen in several years, and asked him to consider getting it graded. This would help protect the comic and be able to prove the value for insurances purposes or for a potential future sale. We also advised that the client could still; pick up a reader copy or reprint to still be able to share the story with his son, but without risk to a fairly expensive comic, whose value was still currently rising.



Case Study 17 before
Case Study 17 after
Case Study 17 before Case Study 17 after
Cased Study 17 before Case Study 17 after


I started collecting comics, as I had a little baby boy and wanted to do something that would be an investment for him. I came across a Werewolf By Night 33 locally, and decided that this would be the first run I would put together.  

After following loads of comic pages on Facebook, I was told I had picked an expensive run to start off with, and that issue 32 was a lot of money. Looking into it, I then believed this would be a comic I would never own. Months later I met a guy in a Facebook group , and he said he had issue 32 packed away somewhere and I could have it at a really good price. I was over the moon to finally own this comic, and was informed by nearly everyone in the comic community it should grade around a 6.0 and I should send it to James Gower to do a clean up on it.

I told James I wanted to be able to read it with my son when he was older. James advised me that it was one of the better copies he had seen in several years, and I should consider getting it graded as it is an expensive comic, and I could always pick up a reader copy or reprint to read with my son. On its return I was totally shocked at the grade, as was everyone in the comic community. James had bumped the comic up to a 9.0. I couldn’t thank James enough for the work he had done, the advice he gave and the process of sending it away. - K Thompson

Werewolf By Night graded

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