Case Study 8

Amazing Spiderman 129

When this comic was delivered to us for assessment, we carefully examined the narrow V-shaped tear. We informed Mr Cogan that the piece, which was hanging, was in a fairly fragile state. It had concertinaed, causing a fair amount of colour and fibre damage. There was a risk of a little more colour damage and a very real risk of the piece breaking altogether, as some of the folds meant that a few of the folds had significant surface fibre damage and very little strength. 

We worked on the piece to coax it back into place as carefully as possible before a gentle clean and press. 



Case Study 8
Case Study 8
Case Study 8 Case Study 8
Case Study 8 Case Study 8


Amazing Spider-Man 129 was always on the radar, but anything over a grade of 5.0 was out of my price range. I gambled on a raw copy which, for the most part looked stunning, but had a small tear on the front cover, resulting in a piece slightly hanging off.

The plan was to buy raw, get it pressed and cleaned and then sent off to cgc hoping for a grade around the 5.0 mark, but at a cost which was affordable. I had heard good things about James and he did warn me of the possibility of it coming away. Nonetheless I was happy to take the gamble.

Through expert craftsmanship, he was able to keep the tear intact and make what could have been an eyesore into a highly presentable piece. I am now the proud owner of an ASM 129 6.5 which well surpassed my expectations. As an investment, I have doubled my money. - P Cogan

Amazing Spiderman 129 Graded

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