Case Study 10

Fantastic Four 1

This comic was a great find for the customer, who brought it to us for a little TLC. There was a reasonable accumulation of stacking dirt and finger oils, along with the typical creases, spine stresses and dropped spine, which you would expect from a comic of this age that had been left lying around unprotected for a while. We gave it a good clean so the white areas looked a lot brighter and allowed the colours to pop a little more.

We then proceeded to reduce the heavy indentation on the top right hand corner of the back cover, before getting started on making the spine look more natural. If you take a look at the picture our customer has sent us to show here, you will notice how it displays a little nicer than the grade would lead you to believe. Unfortunately, there was a fairly heavy crease running down the front cover of the comic (slightly diagonal and just off centre), which had permanently damaged the surface and restricted the grade from being any higher.



Case Study 10 Before
Case Study 10 After
Case Study 10 Before Case Study 10 After
Case Study 10 Before Case Study 10 After


We are grateful to Mr Hunter who was kind enough to send us a picture of his graded Fantastic Four #1.

Overall, it was a great result when you consider the history of this particular comic.

Having purchased a box of ephemera for £40, Mr Hunter was surprised to find this beauty (with a few other comics), as he was under the impression they were all football programmes.

We suspect the disappointment of finding out it was not the 1977 FA Cup Final  was fairly short lived.

Case Study 10 Graded

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